Laura's Blessingway

I had a great experience at this beautiful ceremony on the weekend.

"The Blessingway is a healing ceremony rooted in Navajo tradition. While not intended to cure illness, a Blessingway is a highly spiritual and private ceremony designed to avert misfortune, protect the home and even bless a pregnancy. A modern Blessingway has become a popular alternative to the traditional baby shower, that prepares a woman for transition to motherhood, rather than focusing on gifts for the baby.

A Blessingway is a time for the mother-to-be to gather with the women closest to her, toward the end of her pregnancy, and cultivate positive energy for her upcoming birth experience. It is typically a ceremony for women only, which can be led by a midwife or doula, but is also easy for friends or family of the expectant mother to plan and execute."