About ME

I am a qualified professional photographer, and photograph mainly in the Sydney Metropolitan area, however I extend my services to Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Hunter regions.

My extensive experience in portraiture photography shines through in my work. I like to use natural light, composition and timing to capture my subjects and my photojournalistic approach allows me to tell our customer’s stories in a candid and fun way.

We are very much non-intrusive photographers; we keep our photo sessions relaxed and comfortable as we believe this is carried into the photographs. Our style is frequently complimented which is evident in our Happy Customer’s testimonials.

I have always had a passion for Art, at home, you’ll often find me with a paint brush or pencil in my hand. I look at my photography in the same way. I feel it’s not about the equipment you use that makes a great photo, it’s about the eye that you approach it with.